Thinking about getting a website for your business?

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The most important thing is for you to concentrate on what you want your website to do for you and your business.

A website that visitors enjoy can promote your business service/product image and style – a bad website can be more damaging than no website at all. Visitors to your website – your potential and returning customers/clients – will form some opinion about you and your business through their experience on your website.  Remember to design your website with your visitors in mind.

With the continuing growth of internet users, a presence on the web is often expected for any business – when people see your business on the web it adds credibility, somehow.

Depending on your business, you may want to have presence on the internet for anything from an “information centre” to a “full e-commerce” website – and anywhere in between. Be sure to know your reasons for having a website, what it may cost you and how much business it may generate.

To help focus your thinking, a range of key considerations are offered below

Consider ....

What do you want to get from having a business website? Is it

to name but a few

time money

What is your budget? Time and money! Set up and on-going? To have a website you must have a domain name (www.address) and a host account (a place where your website lives and known to the internet). Remember there may be costs for graphics, how much depending upon where you source them from. Prices and terms vary, do some basic research and ask web designers to recomend and include in your quote. The costs in your time are all about your research, statement of requirements, review and sign-off and on-going maintenance.


How many, and what kind of, visitors will you want? What do you want your visitors to get from your website? Be visitor friendly Your website should be easy to navigate, use and a productive and pleasant experience.What outcome will you and your visitor get when they visit a page (insight into your business? knowledge? information? way to contact you? place an order?  - etc. etc.)



Visit other websites, find what you like in style, shape, navigation, colours, fonts nature of graphics -make a note of the website addresses so you can point them out to your web designer to notice. Be inspired and conclude what would work for you.

What pages will you have? Sketch out a brief list giving them short names reflecting their purpose.What key words and phrases exist in your business that you know other people think of when they seek a business like yours? Make sure that what you write for the pages includes the appropriate and relevant words and phrases as naturally as possible (an important factor in having a 'search engine friendly' web site).

What pictures/graphics will you want. Pictures can cost a lot - though a number of low cost or free providers exist. Find your favourite providers/sources - consider digital  photographs and/or abstracts.

Business logo on your page banner? The page banner is a strong branding factor (visitors could see it on your website and, as part of your branding, it should match all your business stationery). You may already have a business logo that you would like to use on the internet.

search engine optimisation
search engine optimisation
search engine optimisation

Search Engines like websites that other people link in to - they think of it as a kind of 'human recommendation' for your website.

What websites do you know of that may provide a link to yours (think relevance and quality rather than quantity - reputable business directories, professional bodies, business clients etc. etc.).

domain name

What website addresses (Domain Names) are suitable and available? There are lots of ways to 'check domain name availability' on the internet. Search for 'domain names' - and take your pick - you do not have to go on to register your domain and host before you are ready.

A good looking business branded website is a great way of showcasing your business. As well as being search engine friendly, your business website needs to be attractive to your human visitors (potential or actual clients and customers - the most important people!). A visually pleasing website with easy, obvious navigation and clear messages and quality images all make up the 'look and feel' and enhance the quality of the visitor's experience - and that matters, lots.

ebizstart web design works with you to get clarity of your requirements, design your website and will build your business website in a search engine friendly fashion. Please visit to find out more.