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Individual English language professional coaching sessions for practitioners of English as a Foreign Language (EFL), wherever you are in the world.

A professional service where you speak English with a native English speaker who will coach you in your use of the language. A CEFL coaching session is a safe environment for you to challenge, stretch, build or simply freshen up your current English language skills - particularly speaking and listening.

Each CEFL coaching session is as unique as you are. The focus is on the language you use and how you use it. All our interactive CEFL coaching sessions are voice-to-voice using skype or fixed line phone. During your speaking session I may interrupt you with immediate feedback on pronunciation, usage, grammar etc. I will always email you a brief feedback report after the session.

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We start with a free introductory session. The topic for the introductory session is you. Be prepared to tell me about yourself, your current English language skills (challenges, strengths, usage etc.) and any specific goals you have in mind. After this introductory session you will be able to decide whether you wish to continue CEFL coaching sessions and we will be able to plan future sessions that will be most appropriate for you.

Please contact CEFL if you are interested in a free introductory session.