CEFL Introductory Session Topic
After this free introductory session
we will be able to plan future sessions
that will be most appropriate for you.

Please be prepared to talk to me about:
- your English language experiences
- your work
- your family
- your town
- your interests

Free Introductory Session

The free introductory session is so that you can get a true sense of what a CEFL coaching session is like. I will get some practical insights into your English language skills. You can decide whether CEFL coaching sessions are an appropriate way forward for you.

  1. Contact CEFL to register your interest in an introductory session.
  2. CEFL will reply with possible, mutually convenient dates/times.
  3. We will arrange a date/time and I will send you notes for the topic for the session.
  4. I will call you at the agreed time and we will talk.
  5. After the session you will receive a brief feedback report.

If you decide to continue with CEFL coaching sessions, we will discuss and agree a package and schedule and you will receive an invoice.

We plunder the internet for topics to discuss during your EFL coaching session. You may nominate topics and material as the centrepiece for any EFL coaching session. Session topics may link to internet based video, audio and articles.You should study the topic material before we talk.

Our coaching sessions spontaneous conversation. Videos with interactive transcript are excellent vehicles for building all of your language skills.