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Your Coach will always have a strong regard for the harmony of your intentions to your own values and beliefs.

Your coach will respect your preferences, though, if your coaching experience suggests that a different style may suit you and your particular circumstances better, your Coach will also discuss alternative ways to work together.

You are in control of any of the changes that you choose to make happen.

what should you expect of your Coach?

You and your Coach will work together in a professional relationship of mutual trust and commitment.

As part of your Introduction, you are asked to declare your preferences, if any, of how you prefer your coach to be for you - such things as

You are a unique individual with your own special blend of capabilities, challenges, beliefs, values, realities, goals and desirable outcomes. Your coaching experience will be unique to you

  • Brainstorming strategies, ideas and options together
  • Support, encouragement and validation
  • Insight into who you are, your guiding values and beliefs and your potential
  • Creating a vision of your future history - what you can become or accomplish
  • Exploring and dissolving or dealing with blocks or obstacles to your success
  • Accountability, checking up on goals
  • Working through self-improvement programmes together
  • Suggesting or designing your action steps

A coaching experience is about you. You are centre stage with your desired outcomes, your realities, your choices and your commitment to achieve.

Your coach will be asking you questions and offering exercises designed to 'make you think' and challenge yourself

If your Coach ever says or does anything in a session that you donít feel comfortable with, or if you have any concern with the way of are working,speak out. For your work together to be effective, you have to be honest with with your Coach.

Your coach is there for you, concerned only with you, your challenges and your achievements. They will not judge you. They have no agenda other than to challenge and sustain you to realise your potential.

Anything you share with your Coach is regarded confidential, whether it is business or personal information.

You know yourself and your own situation best. As a professional, your Coach is bound by a professional code of conduct, ensuring you of their integrity, ethical and professional behaviour in your coaching experience.

Your Coach undertakes not to, at any time, either directly or indirectly use or disclose any information that you share with them during sessions