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Detox your thinking. Revitalise your life.

Boost your confidence, self-esteem, self-belief and get back your zest for life. Increase your energy, get relief from inner turmoil, reduce your stress ... and more.

It is our thoughts that usher us through life. You can change a thought. As time passes, we absorb all sorts of stuff - learning from our experiences and from the people all around us - unconsciously and profoundly. Our habits grow with us - some we discard, some grow so strong and deep in our psyche they become 'just the way it is'.

Discover your blend of assertive traits.

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To stimulate your thinking, I bring a blend of the best of a wealth of approaches [common sense, coaching, NLP, action learning to name but a few] to our sessions. Together we use powerfully simple techniques, strategies, tactics and approaches to free up your thinking so that you may create new possibilities - and see them through.

It is in all of us to tolerate stuff, stay in our comfort zone, simply say "well, that's just the way it is . . .". We play the game of life the best we think we can - we play 'by the rules' [just who made up those rules, I wonder]. We play the game our way - or is it just the way we are most familiar with - habitually and 'instinctively' for much of the time. We can all get bruised, battered, damaged and hurt - sometimes it is just the knocks of life - and sometimes quite unnecessarily.

Don't let yesterday take up too much of today Will Rogers

What if we took just a little time out to review the rules we play our lives by and practise other ways of going about stuff to get even better results?

I would like to simply invite you to detox your thinking, commit to actions you create - and notice what happens for you.