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Setting the scene
Terms of Engagement
Introduction session
The coaching sessions
Results review

These are the typical steps. Our actual coaching engagement will be flexible and responsive to your needs.

Your goals may change during the coaching engagement - you will be experiencing a changing reality.

You could be amazed at how much change you can achieve with a coaching experience.

what are the steps in the coaching process?

Setting the scene. Your Terms of Engagement and Introduction session are critical to the success of our coaching - setting the foundations for your best coaching experience.
Terms of Engagement This is a free consultation. Our aim is to discuss, negotiate and agree our coaching engagement contract - and answer any questions that you may have. If we agree to proceed, I will send you a copy of our agreement, an invoice for our coaching engagement, some 'getting to know you' questions for you to consider in readiness for our initial coaching session. Once your payment has been received, we will proceed to the Initial Coaching session. Initial Coaching Session - about you and your overall agenda. This is where our coaching relationship really starts - where we establish your overall agenda. You will have considered the 'getting to know you' questions that you received with the copy of our Terms of Engagement. Ideally, you will have sent me a copy of your answers in readiness for this initial session. You can choose not to send me a copy of your answers in advance, if you prefer. You call me and we discuss your answers and shape our future coaching sessions as appropriate.
The Coaching Sessions - about getting purposeful The number of coaching sessions will depend upon the style of engagement you choose and we agree. On an ongoing basis, you will design your session agenda - we will discuss and agree and work together accordingly. You will establish clear immediate, short, medium and long term intentions, aims and goals with the specific actions that will move you towards what you truly want. Always have a pen and paper to hand!
Get Ready You will want to be sure that you get the very best from our coaching session. To be prepared, immediately before your coachig session, spend 10 minutes or so to gather your thoughts. Review your achievements and challenges. Decide your session agenda, which we will discuss and agree at the start.

May help you to get in to the right mindset for an effective session. It can be all too easy to forget to mention something as you get caught up with enthusiasm during your session.

Get Coaching During the coaching sessions, we will focus forward and bring your chosen outcomes to life. We will acknowledge your current reality, your current obstacles, explore your realistic options and affirm your next steps towards your changing reality. Your experience since the last coaching session may include stuff coming up for you. We will address 'matters arising' for you as appropriate.

If you agree, we may do some [mental] exercises designed to assist you your current challenges - in session or as one of your Actions between sessions.

Checkpoint You know about the importance of writing things down. As soon as you end your coaching session, before you do anything else, take a few moments to capture your key points from this session. Refer to it regularly before your next session.

May refresh your memory of what/why for you

Action - about delivering results It is what you actually do, your actions, between coaching sessions that will make the difference. I may offer you specific assignments and exercises to do during and between sessions.

We will review your latest outcomes at the start of each session.