Assertiveness Self Awareness

What is your typical mix of assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour? To find out, please take 10 minutes or less to answer the following 10 questions. Each question describes a scenario and offers you 3 possible answers. Read each scenario and answer 'seldom', 'sometimes' or 'often' according to your most likely reaction. Please answer all 3 options for each question.

There are no right or wrong answers - just your own honest answers.

Please begin by entering your email address and your first name, carry on to the questions and submit when all done. When you click on submit at the bottom of the form, your results will be displayed to you

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1. You are having dinner in a good restaurant. Your food arrives cold or the server has made a mistake with your order. You: seldomsometimesoften
Do nothing.
Don't pay the bill.
Ask the server to correct their mistake.
2. You are going out with your friends, but they decided to do something you have no interest in doing. You: seldomsometimesoften
Stay home
Demand that they change their plans and do what you want.
Tell them you'd rather do something else but you'll go out with them anyway.
3. You return home from work and your spouse asks if you want to go out for the evening, but you would rather stay in. You: seldomsometimesoften
Go out without mentioning you'd rather stay home.
Tell your spouse you want to be alone.
Tell your spouse you'd rather stay home and explain why you feel this way.
4. You are waiting in line at the grocers and a person cuts in front of you. You: seldomsometimesoften
Do nothing.
Tell them you were there first and they should get back in their proper place.
Clear your throat so that they know you do not appreciate them cutting in line.
5. You are the manager and you ask one of your employees to do some work on a project for you. The employee returns the work to you and it is done incorrectly. You: seldomsometimesoften
Don't say anything and fix the problems yourself.
Tell them they did it wrong and to do it over again.
Show them which parts of it they did correctly and those which need to be fixed.
6. You recently bought a new computer and are having trouble getting it to work properly so you contact the computer manufacturer's technical support line. Once on the phone, the tech support assistant is patronising you for your lack of technical knowledge. You: seldomsometimesoften
Say nothing.
Tell him he's being rude and demand to speak with his manager.
Interrupt him and explain that you are not very familiar with computers.
7. You are a sales representative and one of your customers calls you on the phone. He is quite upset and verbal. When he tells you the problem, you realise the mistake is actually his fault. You: seldomsometimesoften
Say nothing and let him continue to talk.
Tell him that the problem was all his fault.
Sympathise with his situation, explain what happened, and how to correct the problem
8. A good friend of yours starts criticising you. You: seldomsometimesoften
Say nothing for fear of losing a friend.
Take the opportunity to criticise them as well.
Discuss how you feel but back off if it looks like you will start an argument.
9. You are on a date and you are talking about yourself. It appears that your date isn't listening to what you are saying. You: seldomsometimesoften
Stop talking
Start talking louder to get their attention
Mention to them that it appears as though they are distracted
10. A friend is overdue in returning borrowed items. You: seldomsometimesoften
End the friendship.
Give your friend the cold shoulder until they return your item.
You mention the borrowed item to your friend and ask them to return the item to you.
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