ebizstart web design - packages

Flexible and straightforward packages are available. My prices are very competitive without compromising on quality.

Whichever ebizstart web design package you choose, we begin with getting clarity on your requirements. All websites are custom built specifically to your requirements, feature a home and contact page, a control panel for you to update your own content - and year-1 site administration.

packagepriceweb designillustrated by website
Bronze£500starter brochurewww.splendenglish.co.uk
Silver£1,000brochure + www.kathrynbuck.co.uk
Gold£1,500with a few widgetswww.detoxyourthinking.co.uk
Platinum£2,000with many widgetswww.fmfragrancesshop.co.uk

'Widgets' is a general term I use to cover different features you may be interested in having on your website. Please see widgets page for examples. A couple of widgets of your choice are included in the price for the gold and platinum.

site administration

This is all about registering your domain name, renting appropriate hosting services and setting up email addresses of the form xyz@yourdomain.co.uk.

To have a unique presence on the internet, not only do you need to have the web design and content pages, you also need to have

  • a web address (domain name e.g www.yourdomain.co.uk)
  • space where your web pages lives (usually called a host)

With domain name/host registration you also get the opportunity to have email addresses like freda@yourdomain.co.uk - good for professional image.

site administration price? Year-1, this is all in the package price.

year-1 site administrationall included in package price
year-2 onwards site administrationa competitive £4/month (£48/year)