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Do you have issues with your current website? What does your website say about your business? An informative and effective business website can represent a powerful sales and promotional channel. A broken, low quality, ineffective website can damage your business image – and you’ll never know because visitors - potential clients - will just go away.

ebizstart website renovation service begins with a free as-is review of your website. We will provide you with information about the issues, the options, potential costs to renovate your business website and a quote for the work.

existing website as-is review

As you can guess, before setting out on a renovation of a website, it is going to be essential – and profoundly wise – to do a review from the foundations up. It could be that the name is good and known to search engines, but the content lets your business down. It could be that the content is good, but the presentation lets you down. At the other extreme, it could be a complete and utter disaster best swept into the rubbish bin, or gently set aside – even then, ‘what not to do’ lessons can be learned by examining the worst.

An ‘as-is’ review with a mind to possible renovation will isolate and itemise what could be done to bring your business website up to scratch and, maybe, things to avoid in the future.

Of course, we would welcome you back if you wanted us to do any renovation or remodelling work – but no obligation.

If you would like a free, no obligation as-is review please just drop me a line. Looking forward to hearing from you.

convert an existing website

If you already have a website, I may be able to convert it into ebizstart. Let me know your website address, what you are thinking you would like to happen (e.g. just move it, or change and move) and I will take a look and provide you with a quote.