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The ebizstart webmentor is all about helping you to understand what's important for your web site (including whether or not you need one in the first place), and the different ways you can make your own business website happen.

For ebizstart web mentoring I favour a coaching and mentoring approach rather than a 'just tell'. As well as a web-designer, I am a qualified and experienced coach and I can help you to dissolve the challenges as well as acquire the key technical skills and knowledge. I will bring my experience, knowledge and insights to bear too, as appropriate.

The mentoring will be designed specifically for you and your circumstances, with your business website centre stage. You will acquire knowledge and key skills and become more confident around the subject of your business internet presence. I will guide and support you through the steps to get you from where you are to the outcome you want, working with you at your own pace. Where appropriate, we will aim to provide you with a 'play pen' space where you will be able to gain some hands-on experience.

The outcomes of your mentoring are your choice, obviously, typically it is about whatever you need to become more confident around the subject of your business internet presence and getting clarity on

  • what you want from a business website (or internet presence)
  • insights on considerations for your informed choice of possibilities open to you
  • ready to build your own website with tools that suit you should you wish
  • the information you need to brief any web designer of your choice

get clarity of options

Here we will coach and mentor you to put what you want into a clear statement of requirements - capture the character, shape, style, features and such of your website to be, factoring in technical considerations where appropriate.

We will work with you so you can get that clarity, asking you the kinds of questions whose answers make a difference to the way your website is made.

With this clarity, you will have what you need to talk to whoever to create your website. You will have a good sense of the technical capabilities you would look for in your provider, or to help you choose your web making tool kit. It would be great if you decided to continue working with us, but you will be well placed to go elsewhere.

If you choose to work with us to get clarity, you will get 3 hours worth of consultation, typically on the telephone (or, even better, skype, if you have it) in 6 x ½ hour calls.

We agree the what/when/where/why of the appointments as we go and as befits the actual need.

mentoringpricedepositspecial deal
get clarity£10020%choose an ebizstart package after engaged in mentoring, get £50 off your package price

Face to face consulations are an option, relative geography permitting, though you should expect to pay expenses in addition to the normal costs.